Empowering Voices, Upholding Rights

Championing Human Rights in Somalia Since 2016

Key priority activities in 2024

-Advocacy and Awareness: Promoting human rights through advocacy

campaigns, public awareness initiatives, and education programs to highlight the importance

of protecting and respecting human rights. 3456 youth and civil society actors in Banadir,

-Civic and human right education Public forums,

-Legal Assistance and Justice Providing legal aid 

-Equality and Non Discrimination Addressing issues related to discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, 

-Freedom of Expression and Press Freedom Defending the right to freedom of expression, 

-Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Promoting gender equality, addressing gender based violence,

-Children’s Rights Working towards protecting the rights of children, including access to education,


Advocacy and Awareness

Legal Assistance and Justice

Equality and Non-Discrimination

Freedom of Expression and Press Freedom

Women's Rights and Gender Equality

Children's Rights, Refugees and Migrants'

Core Values Accountability Transparency Non-discrimination Neutrality
Participatory decision making Commitment


SAHRO coverage areas


SAHRO ensuresto document Human rights violations and abuses that happens in Somaliaagainst
women, girls boys and men from the neglected and marginalized communities.

Human rights advocacy

SAHRO has collaborated with mass media as gear for advocacy and public campaign to address
issues that affect the most vulnerable groups. 

Legal counselling services

SAHRO provides legal aid to economically disadvantaged people and minority groups who are detained in police stations and victims who are unable to show their cases to legal aid facilities.  

Prevention and response

SAHRO believes that, in order to prevent violence, communities must be strengthened.


Address: via banadir road, Hodan district, Mogadishu Somalia, Contact us: email: info@sahro.so / sahroorg@gmail.com Tel:+252615096383