What We Do at Somali Action for Human Rights Organization

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Advocacy and Awareness

SAHRO focuses on advocating for the rights of vulnerable groups in Somalia. We engage in lobbying, public campaigns, and media engagement to spotlight issues faced by women, children, and marginalized communities, aiming for systemic change.

Legal Assistance and Justice

We offer legal aid and counseling to those facing economic challenges and minority groups. Our team provides guidance and representation for human rights abuse victims, ensuring their access to justice and legal support.

Equality and Non-Discrimination

Empowering women is integral to our mission. Through diverse programs, we aim to enhance women's livelihoods, education, and political involvement. Our initiatives are tailored to uplift women, equipping them with necessary tools and support.

Freedom of Expression and Press Freedom

Committed to combating gender-based violence, SAHRO conducts awareness campaigns and outreach activities. We provide survivors with psychosocial support, medical referrals, legal assistance, and livelihood support, fostering safer communities.

Women's Rights and Gender Equality

Our dedication to women's rights and gender equality is steadfast. We advocate for equal opportunities, striving to eradicate discrimination and violence against women. Our efforts encompass awareness, policy advocacy, and holistic support for women.

Children's Rights, Refugees and Migrants'

SAHRO is committed to the rights of children, refugees, and migrants. We advocate for their protection, well-being, and rights, offering educational programs, legal assistance, and advocacy to ensure their dignified treatment and respect.